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OEM Raman Development Platform Free Space

The BTR115 series OEM Raman development platform consists of an integrated Raman core engine with a stabilized laser, cooled CCD-based spectrometer and sampling optics. It is designed to assist OEM developers in application development and for direct OEM custom system integration.

The development platform is lightweight with a small foot print, making it easy for handling. Its compact size is ideal for integration into a custom setup for lab and field applications.

The BTR115-785 has a wide spectral range, covering application needs for material identification and characterization of materials in many use scenarios such as forensics, materials science, pharmaceuticals, biology, food science, semiconductors, and geology. The free space development unit supports sample measurements in vials enabling fast application development such as those that involve SERS..

Key Features

  • Fiber-coupled probe
  • Integrated Raman core engine with laser, spectrometer and sampling optics
  • Compact, lightweight form factor
  • Ideal for application development and direct OEM integration use


  • • Raman spectroscopy core engine
  • • Raman shift range: 150-3150 cm-1 (option for 65 cm-1 for fiber probe version)
  • • Spectral resolution: around 10cm-1 FWHM @912nm
  • • Wavenumber accuracy better than 3cm-1
  • • TE-cooled 2048 pixel linear array CCD detector
  • • Cleanlaze® patented stabilized laser
  • • Laser excitation wavelength 785nm, linewidth better than 0.2nm
  • • 420mW Max at laser port (free space); adjustable from 0-100% through software
  • • Integration time from 5 to 65535 ms
  • • Free space sampling holder supports 15mm vial (vials not included)
  • • Rayleigh scatter rejection efficiency >OD6
  • • Typical power input 12V DC, 3A maximum
  • • Digital IOs for laser key switch, laser interlock, scan trigger, and digital output for CDRH compliancy use
  • • RS232 communication protocol and command set supports both Windows and Linux
  • • SDKs for Windows available with sample code in numerous programming languages


  • Providing molecular vibrational fingerprint info
  • Nondestructive
  • No sample preparation required
  • Able to measure through glass, quartz, plastic (non-contact)
  • Samples can be solid, liquid or gel, transparent or opaque
  • Small sample size
  • Wide spectral coverage for a variety of applications
  • Spectra have high selectivity and specificity, and can be used for identification and quantitative analysis.