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Everything can be measured. With scalable and custom screen-printed electrodes and potentiostat electronics, let us ramp up your sensor platform to the next level.

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Based in Llanera, Spain, DropSens designs and manufactures screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) and potentiostats for electrochemistry and spectroelectrochemistry. DropSens helps customers navigate from basic design and customization to complete manufacturing at high volume in our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified facilities. Decrease time-to-market with our support for product development. We have experience in various industries and applications, including environmental, agricultural, food, clinical, biotechnology, defense and security.


Parque Tecnológico de Asturias
C/ Faya 28
33428 Llanera (Asturias)
+34 985 27 76 85

How DropSens Enables Your Solution

DropSens is your partner for customized screen-printed electrodes and handheld potentiostats. We are electrochemists supporting electrochemists in research and industry. We help you engineer and produce an electrode for your individual application or a dedicated portable potentiostat for your measurement. Our investment in the very best screen-printing technology allows us to deliver the highest quality products. Others might compete on cost but never on quality.

OEM Screen-Printed Electrodes (SPEs)

OEM Screen-Printed Electrodes We produce screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) based on carbon, gold, platinum, or silver inks. Our innovative strips are manufactured for electrochemical analysis in environmental, chemical, clinical or biomedical, food and agriculture. We provide low-cost, disposable devices specially designed to work with microvolume samples – ideal for quality control or research purposes.
We understand the economy of scale and can print your sensor in high volumes as your demand increases.

OEM Portable Potentiostats

OEM Portable Potentiostat

DropSens offers customized electrochemical readers for those researchers who have successfully developed an electrochemical sensor and need immediate results based on an optimized measurement method. With a touch screen, lithium-ion battery and the possibility of wirelessly transferring your data, it can store up to 3 methods and up to 8 calibrations per method. This solution is for an OEM or privately labeled device.

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Interdigitated Electrode Sensor
Interdigitated Electrode Sensor

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