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At m-oem, we specialize in manufacturing.  From the photon to the electron, m-oem companies offer a powerful suite of components, sub-assemblies to fully loaded modules and tests for photonics, spectroscopy, and electrochemistry integration. Globally available and locally supported.

SOL HT Spectrometer Engine

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Patented Hybrid External Cavity Laser (HECL) technology allows us to effectively select a specific “slice” of the spectrum for single-mode and multi-mode diode lasers with superior wavelength stabilization. Our long innovation history has commercialized products ranging from OEM components to full turn-key systems.

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Systems & Spectrometers

Compact spectrometer modules measure from the UV to the NIR for absorption, transmission, and reflectance spectroscopy and low light sampling conditions such as reflectance/transmittance, fluorescence, and Raman spectroscopy.

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Field portable measurements based on our DropStat and µStat electronics can be used with any of our SPEs. Private labeling for our off-the-shelf electronics and electrodes is available to strengthen your product offerings.

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Chemical Sensors

Ensure a simple integration into any transmitter or process control system by choosing between analog or digital sensor interfaces. Whether you need to measure pH values, determine dissolved oxygen (dO2), dissolved carbon dioxide (pCO2), or other parameters in the process, we can offer the right solution.

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Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) is a technique that leverages the enhancement of Raman scattering when molecules are adsorbed to gold or silver nanostructures.
The advantage of SERS over traditional Raman spectroscopy is its ability to detect analyte concentrations of parts per million and even parts per billion levels. In contrast, Raman spectroscopy works best for pure samples and some simple mixtures.

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