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What is m-oem?

From the photon to the electron m-oem companies offer a powerful suite of components, sub-assemblies to fully loaded modules and tests for photonics, spectroscopy, and electrochemistry integration.

Globally available and locally supported. m-oem is your partner for projects in applied spectroscopy, photonics, electrochemistry, and sensor systems. We provide off-the-shelf precision optical components, electrochemical and sensor instruments and assemblies, spectrometer engines, and custom system solutions, engineered and designed to meet your specific requirements.

"Jun’s innovative work made the power of Raman spectroscopy more accessible to scientists and non-technical users. We are proud to have him on our team that drives innovation for Raman products at Metrohm." - Nancy Morris, CEO

The Discovery Kit – a SERS sampler

Among the products added is a new SERS Discovery Kit that contains a selection of silver and gold SERS materials in both colloid solution and solid substrate format. The kit contains enough testing material for about 25 measurements with each of the four formats. This new kit will appeal to innovators who are looking to determine the best SERS tools for their measurements.