Case Study

New DIY Raman Modules

m-oem announced new Raman spectroscopy capabilities with its Discover-It-Yourself (DIY) product line at the 2024 SPIE BiOS and Photonics West tradeshows. The DIY platform pairs high-sensitivity B&W Tek component spectrometers and fiber-optic sampling probes with narrow linewidth lasers from Innovative Photonic Solutions (IPS). Performance improvements will help users develop new Raman applications and novel analysis methods with the benefit of customization.


Laser Options
DIY lasers are available at the most common excitation wavelengths- 532, 785, and 1064 nm- supporting applications from precision semiconductor measurements to routine analysis of highly colored polymers and plastics.


Raman Spectrometer
The 1064nm DIY system features the new Sol HT high-throughput spectrometer, also debuted at SPIE 2024. Sol HT maximizes throughput with a transmission grating that increases overall sensitivity and versatility to support an incredibly broad range of applications.


Sampling Probes
For ultimate sampling flexibility, reliability, and accuracy, the DIY system can be fitted with a range of fiber optic probes. These fiber optic probes elevate liquid immersion measurements, through-container analyses, and direct contact interrogation of solid and semi-solid samples.

Application scientists and engineers at m-oem are ready to assist with selection of the optimum laser source, component spectrometer, and fiber optic probe(s) for their needs.