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Systems & Spectrometers

From the research lab to the classroom, our products provide easy, rapid measurements in different environments. We are on the cutting edge of technology, focusing on solution-oriented products that you can rely on.

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We offer a very unique array of modules that can be combined with various sampling accessories to complete your measurements.

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DIY Systems

Perfect for the classroom, our Discover It Yourself product line allows you to choose from a pre-configured setup, or build your own.

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Raman Modules + Probes

Choose from various Raman probes that are built for your specific application and environment.

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Spectroscopy Accessories

We have sampling systems for solids, reflective or diffuse reflective surfaces, films, colloidal suspensions, liquids, slurries, and gases, among others.

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Our Full Portfolio of Spectrometers

Learn more about our component spectrometer and Raman product line.

Component Spectrometers

Group of B&W Tek Spectrometer Products

We offer a wide array of component spectrometers that are suitable for any number of applications. From the UV to NIR, our detectors will produce highly accurate results with superior performance and repeatability. Take a look at our entire portfolio below and let us know if we can help enable your solution.




Raman Modules & Fiber Probes

Fiber Optic Reflectance Probes

Fiber optic probes are designed for simple OEM integration. We have a variety of bundles and Raman specific accessories for your project. Choose your wavelength and you’ll be ready to go.




Spectroscopy Accessories

Fiber Patch CordDepending on your specific measurements you will need a variety of accessories. From attachments & adaptors to fiber probes & immersion shafts, you will find everything you need for consistent and accurate results!




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