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Discover-It-Yourself Raman

Our Discover-It-Yourself product line allows for full customization to ensure you get the accuracy and repeatability that you require for your specific measurements.

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Discover-It-Yourself UV-Visible Platform


Pre-optimized tiers of spectrometers are available for the UV-VIS system. Each tier is built with your application in mind with proper sampling and light source recommendations. The spectrometers are all designed with important parameters like Stray Light and Quantum Efficiency in mind to ensure value from entry level to high performance systems.

IPS Discover-It-Yourself Raman NIR System

DIY Raman Building Blocks

Are you exploring the realm of what Raman can do for you? Our DIY building blocks have the flexibility of arranging key components using light travel via fiber optics starting with laser, spectrometer, sampling probes/cuvette holders which are assembled on our base breadboard platform.

DIY Raman - Extended Range

DIY Extended Range

The Discover-It-Yourself series from Metrohm Spectro is designed to help develop new Raman applications and explore samples your way. The Extended Range DIY system (DIY-ER) is unique because it measures the Raman spectrum in stretch and fingerprint regions using a single detector and two laser lines. The software then “stitches” the two spectra together to give you the complete Raman spectrum with easy sampling. Overcome challenges with fluorescence interference using the DIY-ER.

Discover-It-Yourself Low Frequency Raman System

DIY Low Frequency

The Low-Frequency DIY system (DIY-LF) is unique because it measures the Raman spectrum on the anti-Stokes region, across the laser excitation line, and into the Stokes region. Powerful filters remove scattering within about 5 cm-1 of the laser line to give you access to structural Raman data that is unavailable through other techniques.

An array of sampling accessories is compatible with the probe, extending its’ capabilities. Low Frequency Raman opens a new spectral window, giving you an opportunity to find new answers you didn’t even know existed.


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