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Our thick-film technology allows you to customize the screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) with many modification options, such as spatial distribution, shape, area, substrate, or a wide range of materials. Our development team can provide feedback from decades of experience working with customers in nearly every application and industry. We are more than a manufacturer; we are your lab partner.

Electrode Products

DropSens electrodes the highest performance in the industry due to their superior craftsmanship. We accommodate material and form factor changes to match a screen-printed electrode to your needs. Contact us now to see how we can make an SPE that fits your application.

Private Label Potentiostats + PCBs

Want to brand our handheld potentiostat to match your sensor? Need a customized PCB for your detection system? Let DropSens handle all of your private label instrumentation and customization. Our ability to quickly integrate into your system sets us apart.

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Custom Build Electrodes

You know your samples and the electrode design. We have the expertise to manufacture reliability at any scale. See how we can partner to move your project forward. From development to commercialization, our expertise will be with you every step of the way.

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Electrochemistry Accessories

Our capabilities extend far beyond SPEs and customized handheld potentiostats. Let us help you adapt cables, connectors, cells or any accessory to meet your needs.

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