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m-oem will address most applications with our wide selection of off-the-shelf products. If further modification and customization are necessary, m-oem can deliver the exact product for your project. We specialize in customizing laser wavelengths, fiber optic probe customization, spectral range, and resolution. Contact us today to see how we can make your specialized product a reality.

Discover Our Customization Capabilities by Brand

B&W Tek Customization

Our Discover It Yourself (DIY) systems provide the ultimate flexibility. Build a system to meet your exact specifications. DIY systems are the perfect fit for applications where a “big box” spectrometer won’t meet your needs.

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IPS Customization

IPS specializes in integration. Our lasers can be modified to meet your specific requirements.  Configure one of our high-throughput Raman probes to reveal the highest-quality data possible.

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DropSens Customization

We have a blueprint to help you build your own electrochemical sensor. Contact us today to see how we will build your custom electrodes.

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Metroglas Customization

Our probes and sensors are built with your specific measurement and end-use conditions to ensure accurate and reliable performance. Our technical team will understand your application so we can deliver a solution that will give you the best results possible.

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