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B&W Tek is a global leader in component spectrometers, light sources and sampling accessories.

Sol HT Spectrometer Engine for 1064nm Raman Spectroscopy

About Us

Established in 1997, B&W Tek specializes in component spectrometers, fiber optic sampling and chemometric software for Raman, UV-Vis and near-IR spectroscopy instrumentation and OEM components. A leader in Raman instruments and software, Metrohm sells and supports its i-Raman, TacticID, and NanoRam brands globally. The m-oem line of Discover-It-Yourself™ systems is your bridge from components to complete solutions – without the sample compartment.

B&W Tek
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How B&W Tek Enables Your Solution

B&W Tek is your source for component spectrometers, light sources, and sampling accessories. Make measurements your way with our Discover-It-Yourself systems for Raman, UV-Vis-NIR, and fluorescence spectroscopy. Components allow you to move beyond the limitations of bench-top systems and build your solutions.

Component Spectrometers

Glacier SpectrometerOur compact spectrometer modules measure from the UV to the NIR for absorption, transmission, and reflectance spectroscopy. Our innovative back-thinned and cooled CCD array detectors offer superior performance for low-light applications like Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy. Our portfolio has a variety of products, from entry-level to high-performance, from the UV to the near-IR.




Discover-It-Yourself Series Systems

DIY UV-VIS Spectrometer System

The Discover-It-Yourself (DIY) series enables innovation. Our DIY systems support Raman spectroscopy, low-frequency Raman spectroscopy and UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy. Based on a modular approach, our DIY systems allow you to measure without limitation or a sample compartment.




Raman Modules

Raman probeRaman spectroscopy is a demanding technique requiring a spectrometer and sampling probe configured for sensitivity and resolution. Our complete line of Raman-ready component spectrometers interface seamlessly with our Raman probes to help you build the best system for any application from 532 nm to 1064 nm. Our patented and exclusive concatenation systems allow you to measure the fingerprint and stretch regions of the Raman spectrum with a single detector.




Spectroscopy Accessories

Fiber Patch Cord

We offer various accessories, from simple teaching configurations to sampling for advanced research applications. Our accessories include broadband and calibration light sources, integrating spheres, sample holders, fiber optic cables, and fiber optic probes.




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