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From Raman spectroscopy to medical imaging and defense, IPS ensures the highest standards in quality and performance with lasers designed for unmatched stability and reliability.

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Founded in August 2003, Innovative Photonic Solutions (IPS) manufactures high-performance semiconductor diode lasers based on proprietary wavelength stabilization technologies. Our “spectrum slicing” technology allows customers to define wavelength, spectral bandwidth and power for their single-mode and multi-mode lasers. This technology has enabled the widespread use of narrow-linewidth semiconductor laser sources in numerous diverse applications.

IPS is the first choice for Raman microscopes, benchtop instruments, flow cytometers and atomic clocks. Choose IPS when you need the highest performance for the most demanding work.

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How IPS Enables Your Solution

IPS semiconductor lasers cover a broad spectrum from UV to infrared. Our devices are available in single or multi-spatial modes with packaging options featuring open beam or fiber-coupled solutions. We offer our customers the flexibility to specify wavelength, spectral bandwidth, and output power in various packaging formats.

As the preferred laser supplier for Raman spectroscopy, we have also developed a line of configurable Raman probes to pair with our laser systems to meet your needs.

OEM Laser Diodes

TO-Can Next to a Quarter

Our off-the-shelf OEM diode lasers are available in several packaging options to integrate with your final build. The TO-56 and TO-56 GUTS packages feature our proprietary single-mode wavelength stabilized lasers, offering narrow spectral linewidth and a diffraction-limited free-space output beam. Our butterfly packages feature a choice of open beam or fiber-coupled output for single or multi-mode lasers. Add an optical isolator to your fiber-coupled single-mode lasers to help prevent back reflections and improve overall performance. Our lasers are best suited for high-resolution Raman spectroscopy, direct-diode frequency doubling, fiber laser seeding applications, and more.


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Laser Modules

Single-Mode Digital D-Type Laser Module

Our laser modules save on back-end engineering with TE and electronic control built into the system. Our D-Type module offers single-mode open beam laser delivery, while our U-Type modules provide a choice of single or multi-mode fiber-coupled beams. These modules feature digital integration with USB communication.



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Digital Turn-Key Lasers

IPS Multi-Mode Digital M-Type ModuleOur Turn-Key lasers offer a complete solution by integrating our laser modules into a UL/CE and IEC-certified system. These systems feature a laser enable switch, a power output control dial, an emergency shut-off button, and an easy-to-read LED display. All of our systems feature a USB connection and LabView integration GUI to control the laser.



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Raman Probes

IPS Configurable Raman ProbeOur Configurable Raman Probe is fully customizable to meet your Raman needs. Choose fiber connectors and define a working distance for your application. High collection efficiency and low stray light combine to collect a high-quality Raman spectrum with high signal-to-noise. Dual wavelength probes are available for Raman Concatenation. IPS customization options for probes lead the industry by providing performance and customization unmatched by the competition.


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