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Customized UV-Visible Measurements

These new systems expand the DIY platform, allowing customers to develop new applications and measurement solutions for Visible-only, UV-Visible, or UV-Vis-NIR measurements. Leveraging the accuracy and reliability of B&W Tek component light sources and spectrometers, the new DIY modules perform absorption, transmission, or reflectance measurements in a wide range of industries and applications.  m-oem’s continued expansion of the DIY series simplifies application, measurement and instrument development in Raman and UV, visible and NIR spectroscopy.


Choose Your Performance
Our DIY systems are pre-configured for Visible-only, UV-Visible, and UV-Vis-NIR measurements.  Each configuration includes a matched light source and detector to provide optimum performance. Our entry-level Visible-only system is ideal for education and routine QC measurements. The UV-Visible configuration balances price and performance, covering the widest spectral range. For research-quality results in an easy-to-optimize configuration, look to the UV-Vis-NIR package.


Mounting Plate for Organized Setup
Each DIY package includes an M6 optical plate to securely mount system components- configure from our recommendations or design it yourself! The plate is large enough to accommodate custom components, such as an in-line filter holder.


Ready-To-Go Sampling
All tiers of performance include fiber optic cables for easy operation and a cuvette holder that accepts standard 10mm cuvettes, with other possible path-lengths. Enhanced 400um fiber cables support wavelength ranges in each tier.