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m-oem is your source for OEM spectrometers. We offer a wide selection of economical and miniature spectrometers for broad spectrum analysis. Our compact systems measure from the UV to the NIR for absorption, transmission, and reflectance spectroscopy and low light sampling conditions such as diffuse reflectance/transmittance, fluorescence, and scattering (Raman). Our customers integrate these compact systems into measuring devices for portable, laboratory, and process measurements of powders, liquids, gels, fermentation broths, biological matrices, reflective surfaces, films, and gases.

Quest U
$3,040.00 USD
Quest X
$3,040.00 USD
Glacier X
$4,510.00 USD
Sol™ 2.2A
$26,360.00 USD
Sol™ 2.6
$28,350.00 USD
Sol™ HT 1.4 $18,900.00 USD