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Our core Hybrid External Cavity Laser (HECL) technology allows us to effectively select a specific “slice” of the spectrum for single mode and multi-mode diode lasers with superior wavelength stabilization. We have the flexibility to offer our customers a broad-spectrum solution with low spectral bandwidth at various output powers. Our long history of innovation has commercialized products that range from components from elementary TO-56 or 14-pin butterfly (BF) packaged diodes to OEM modules including drive electronics and software. We also offer UL/CE and IEC certified lasers packages, to custom designed systems.


Our off-the-shelf OEM diode lasers come in butterfly, TO-Can, and TO-Can “guts” packages to match the form-fit-function of your final build. They are available in a variety of precise, and highly stabilized wavelengths, output powers, highly Gaussian and multi-mode irradiance distributions, with a variety of electronic functionality. 


Sharing the same technology and specifications as our single element laser diodes, our laser modules save on back-end engineering with TE and electronic control built into the system.


Laser control and temperature stabilization is brought to another level with automatic current (power) control with photodiode monitoring and feedback via graphical user interface (GUI) on your PC. 


We are collaborating with our customers to supply the right solution. Whether you need a custom laser diode or a turnkey laser, we have the experience and dedication. 

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