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Your partner for Electrochemical & Optical Sensors

Metroglas was founded in 1990. The backbone of our potentiometric and electrochemical sensors is our proprietary glass membrane manufacturing. Depending on the application, we produce glass membranes in high volumes with our automated thermoforming and robotic assembly, or in the traditional art of manual glass blowing. These membranes and metal electrodes are then fused into the final electrode product before delivery to our customers.

Metroglas offers sensors for pH, dissolved oxygen, dissolved CO2 and conductivity for medical, laboratory and process applications, based on a broad experience. Our sensors are available as single use and multiple use versions. Built on an existing platform, our sensors are customized to meet the requirements of our OEM customers. For more information, please follow the Sensor Technology section or visit Metroglas at


Metroglas AG
8910 Affoltern am Albis

Phone: +41 44 763 50 10


We design accurate and robust OEM combined pH sensors for aqueous measurements in laboratory, automation and process analytics with integrated temperature sensors and standard connector options.

We offer suitable electrodes for inline pH measurements for the chemical industry, Pharma and Biotech applications.


Electrochemical dissolved oxygen sensors are the most widely used sensors because they can be employed in situ for laboratory, automation and online measurements. Our custom dO2 sensors are designed for rapid aqueous measurements.


CO2 is commonly measured in fermentation broths such as beer, wine, anti-biotics to optimize yield, purification, flavoring, and production time. It is also measured in industrial waters such as pulp-and-paper and CO2 injection in upstream oil and gas, and refining processes. We can customize our OEM dCO2 sensor for laboratory, portable and process applications.