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We offer a wide selection of custom pH (hydrogen ion concentration), dO2 (dissolved oxygen), and dCO2 (dissolved CO2) probes for lab and process applications. We offer an array of custom OEM electrodes and control modules with a wide variety of packaging formats in various sizes and protective boundary materials. Our proprietary glass sensors are produced in high volumes with our automated thermoforming and robotic assembly, or in the traditional art of manual glass blowing.


We design robust OEM pH sensors for aqueous measurements in laboratory, automation or process with IP67 ratings.   


Electrochemical dissolved oxygen sensors are now the most widely used sensors because they can be employed in situ for laboratory, automation and online measurements.  Our custom dO sensors are designed for rapid aqueous measurements.  Sensors have been designed for simple and complex solutions including drinking water, wastewater, fermentation broths, wine, fruit juices, respectively, with trace ppb detection levels obtainable. 


CO2 is commonly measured in fermentation broths such as beer, wine, anti-biotics to optimize yield, purification, flavoring, and production time. It is also measured in CO2 injection processes such as ready-to-drink cocktails, fruit juices, and soft drinks. It is also measured in industrial waters such as pulp-and-paper and CO2 injection in upstream oil and gas, and refining processes. We can customize our OEM dCO2 sensor for laboratory, portable and process applications. 

Contact our team today for defining the measurement parameters, shape, size and material compatibility for your new sensor.