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Metrohm’s P-SERS strips are formed using an innovative patented process that deposits nanoparticles via ink-jet printing, dramatically lowering costs while maintaining uniformity and performance.

P-SERS strips can be printed on a variety of porous support materials. Chromatography paper is standard, but the support material can be customized to the application. The properties of the support material can be leveraged for chromatographic cleanup to enhance detection.

P-SERS strips support diverse methods of sample collection, including:

  • Pipetting sample onto the strip
  • Dipping strip into sample
  • Swabbing a surface to collect trace residue


Narcotics Detection -Identification of trace drugs in complex mixtures

Food & Beverages -Authentication of foodstuffs including honey, olive oil, and saffron

Pesticide Detection -Detection of trace agricultural chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides

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