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532 Raman Building Block

Introducing a one of a kind opportunity to build and fully customize your own spectrometer system. Take advantage of our high quality manufacturing capabilities, and setup a spectrometer system using our unique flexible OEM setup that will satisfy all your unique ideas. Our OEM modular setup is designed to keep up with all your application and performance demands as you Discover It Yourself.

A RAMAN BUILDING BLOCK 532 is comprised of the following necessary components: a spectrometer, a 532nm laser, a sampling probe, and other optional accessories. Choose the options to build the breadboarding system most suitable for your needs.

Choose a Spectrometer

Key Features

  • High-quality and precise parts for all your prototyping needs
  • Building Blocks are fully customizeable and adaptable to your requests
  • Fiber-Optic probe with external trigger
  • Fiber-Optic sampling flexibility


We have three prepared Building Block breadboards for our 532 nm laser excitation category. Each building block is setup and selected by our excellent engineers with the highest quality parts. Each block is designed to help you discover the most efficient and precise methods to achieve your goals.

  Entry Block Professional Block Research-Grade Block
Spectrometer Options Glacier® T
Exemplar® T
Exemplar® HT
Excitation Wavelength 532 nm 532 nm 532 nm
Raman Shift Coverage 150 to 4000 cm-1 150 to 4200 cm-1 150 to 4200 cm-1
Note: The start range of the raman shift is dependent on the selected probe. 
Coverage Range 532 nm to 680 nm 532 nm to 687 nm 532 nm to 687 nm
Resolution 4.5 cm-1 @ 614 nm 4.5 cm-1 @ 614 nm 4.5 cm-1 @ 614 nm
Detector Type 2048-element Response-Enhanced Linear silicon CCD Array  2048-element High Quantum Efficiency Back-Thinned CCD Array Deep-Cooled, 2048-element
High Quantum Efficiency
Back-Thinned CCD Array
Thermoelectric Cooling 14° C -2° C Deep cooled at -25 °C
(Δ 50 °C minimum)
Dimensions 191 mm × 94 mm × 90 mm
(7.5 ” × 3.7 ” × 3.5 ”)
200 mm × 180 mm ×120 mm
(7.8 ” × 7.1’’ × 4.0”)
220 mm × 180 mm ×130 mm
( 8.7’’ × 7.1’’ × 5.1”)
Weight 3.9 lbs. ( ~1.8 kg) 5.4 lbs. ( ~2.5 kg) 7.6 lbs. ( ~3.4 kg)

For more spectrometer model customization options, datasheets, and price information please contact us.


Laser - BWG-532-50-DIY

Power Options: Standard offered is 50mW

Note: The 532 nm laser product is built as per the specifications of the customer and sold solely as a component (or a module) to incorporate into other equipment. The purchaser assumes responsibility to comply with US FDA21 CFR 1040 with regard to the use of this laser and its introduction into commerce.


Lab-Grade Probe  

Probe Options BAC100B-532
Excitation Wavelength 532 nm
Laser Blocking OD6 Default
Shaft Material 304 Stainless Steel
Shaft Length 76.2 mm (3’’)
Shaft Diameter 5.4 mm (.21”)
Working Distance 5.4 mm
Maximum Operating Temperature 80° C; Non-immersive use
Note: For more probe or laser customization options, datasheets, and price information please contact us


  • Material Science - Material Characterization and Identification
  • Food Industry - Safety and Quality determination
  • Device Fabrication - Silicon Wafer Testing
  • Pharmaceutical - Development, identifcationa nd verification of raw materials and more...
  • Custom Device Diagnosis - Feasibility studies and prototypes
  • Research and Development - Fully customizeable uses for R&D and proof of concept use