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Digital D-type with Isolator

Minimize your back-end engineering resources with the D-Type laser’s key integrated elements; an integrated laser line filter, optical isolator, thermistor/TEC, ESD protection and a linear tracking photodiode.
Designed to replace expensive distributed feedback lasers (DFB), distributed brag reflectors (DBR) fiber, and external cavity lasers, the D-Type laser architecture contains our proprietary single-mode stabilization with high output powers (ca. 35 mW - 150 mW) and optional step-down power down by the user. Numerous wavelength options (ca. 638 nm, 785 nm, and 830 nm) are available. All wavelength and power options feature an ultra-narrow spectral bandwidth with a circularized, collimated output beam.
This laser package is designed for OEM Integration and is ideal for Raman imaging, confocal applications, process Raman, metrology, interferometry, atomic clocks, and remote sensing.
The "Isolator" option allows for minimization of back reflections to protect the laser module. The optical isolator protectes the system from return light that can cause cause mode hops, amplitude modulatations, frequency shifts, and irreparable laser damage.
Choose a λ (nm)
Choose a Min. Power (mW)

Key Features

  • High Power Single Frequency Output (SLM)
  • Ultra-Narrow Spectral Bandwidth
  • Circularized & Collimated Output Beam
  • Gaussian TEM00 Spatial Mode
  • Integral Laser Line Filter1
  • Optical Isolator2
  • SMSR 70 dB w/ laser line filter (40 dB without)
  • Integral Thermistor & TEC
  • Integral ESD Protection
  • Integral Linear Tracking Photodiode
  • Integrated isolator

Custom Capabilities

  • Custom wavelengths available upon request
  • Adjustable beam expander to set beam diameter at specified distances
  • Multi-mode Achro-fiber port available
  • Optical isolator available for 633nm, 638nm, 780nm, 785nm in standard D-Type module
  • Optical isolator available for 976nm and 1064nm in larger D-Type module


Wavelength Tolerance

+/- 0.5 nm

Spectral Linewidth FWHM


SMSR w/ Integral Laser Line Filter


Power Stability

+/- 0.5% to 1% typical

Wavelength Stability Range

15°C to 45°C

Power Consumption

2W typical, 5W max

Linear Tracking Photodiode
(Optional, Internal TIA Output)

1V Max

Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER)

>17 dB (20 dB typical)

Polarization Orientation

Perpendicular to the plane of base plate mounting plane. 

Spatial Profile


Beam Quality (M², 1/e²)


Beam Ellipticity


Beam Diameter

4.0mm (+/-0.4mm) w/ beam expander

~0.7mm w/o beam expander

Beam Divergence

<1 mrad w/beam expander

~2 mrad w/o beam expander

Cold Start to <1 Wavenumber

10 Seconds

Warm Start to <1 Wavenumber

1 Second

Warm Start to <0.1 Wavenumber

3 Seconds


This laser package is designed for OEM Integration and is ideal for:

  • High Resolution Raman Spectroscopy
    • Handheld Raman Spectroscopy
    • Confocal Microscopy
    • Raman
    • Imaging
    • Portable Raman
    • Process Raman
  • Metrology & Interferometry
  • Remote Sensing