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Digital Tethered Head H-Type with Isolator

The digital ‘Tethered Head ’ H-module enables the laser module to reach the sample. It is a turn-key like the M and L turnkey modules with UL/CE and IEC certification. It comes with an internal wavelength stabilized laser module, single mode, a laser enable switch for safety, an LED readout, an output power control dial, a safety key lockout, a remote interlock, and an emergency shut-off switch (EMO). The digital ‘Tethered Head’ module offers USB connectivity, ease of use and flexibility for different setups; and allows the user to bring the open beam laser output to the sample.
The "Isolator" option allows for minimization of back reflections to protect the laser module. The optical isolator protectes the system from return light that can cause cause mode hops, amplitude modulatations, frequency shifts, and irreparable laser damage.
λ (nm): 785
Min. Power (mW): 90

Key Features

  • Wavelength Stabilized Spectrum
  • Narrow Spectral Linewidth (<100MHz FWHM)
  • High Power Single-mode Open Beam Output
  • TEM00, Single-Spatial and Single-Longitudinal Mode (SLM)
  • Circularized & Collimated Output Beam
  • Integral Laser Line Filters at 633nm, 638nm, 785nm, 808nm, and 830nm
  • >50 dB SMSR Typical
  • USB Interconnectivity
  • UL/CE and IEC Certified & Fully turnkey

Custom Capabilities

  • Custom wavelengths available upon request
  • Adjustable beam expander to set beam diameter at specified distances
  • Multi-mode Achro-fiber port available
  • Optical isolator available for 633nm, 638nm, 780nm, 785nm in standard D-Type module
  • Optical isolator available for 976nm and 1064nm in larger D-Type module


Wavelegnth Tolerance

+/- 0.5nm

Spectral Linewidth (Δλ)

<100 MHz

Operating Temperature Range

10 - 45 °C

SMSR (no laser line filter)

45 - 50 dB typical

SMSR (w/laser line filter)

>70 dB typical

Polarization Orientation

Perpendicular to the plane of the base mounting plate of optical head

Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER)

>17 dB (typical)

Beam Quality (M², 1/e²)

<1.5 (1.3 Typical)

Spot Size²

~1.5mm with beam expander


< 1 mrad typ. with beam expander

Output Power Stability

<0.5% RMS

Modulation Rate

CW to kHz at 50% duty cycle or CW to 1kHz at 10-100% duty cycle

Warm-Up Time

10 sec from cold start to <1 wavenumber

1.5 sec from warm start to <1 wavenumber

3 sec from warm start to <0.1 wavenumber


This laser package is designed for OEM Integration and is ideal for:

  • High Resolution Raman Spectroscopy
    • Portable Raman
    • Process Raman
    • Confocal Microscopy
    • Raman Imaging
  • Metrology/Interferometry
  • Remote Sensing