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The Discover-It-Yourself series from Metrohm Spectro is designed to help develop new Raman applications and explore samples your way. The Discover-It-Yourself UV-Visible platform provides a range of wavelengths and performance to get measurements up and running quickly. No matter where you start, DIY will help you find answers fast.

Key Features

  • High-Quality and precise parts for all your prototyping needs
  • Building Blocks are adaptable to your request and ready out of the box
  • Cuvette Holder for sampling
  • Fiber-Optic and modular component flexibility


Spectrometer Options Quest® Glacier® Exemplar®
Slit Size / Resolution 25um / ~1.5 nm FWHM 25um / ~1.2 nm FWHM 25um / ~1.8 nm FWHM
Coverage Range 350 nm to 1050 nm 200 nm to 800 nm 190 nm to 1100 nm
Detector Type 2048-element Front Illuminated Linear CCD Array 2048-element TE Cooled Front Illuminated Linear CCD Array 2048-element High Quantum Efficiency Back-Thinned CCD Array
Thermoelectric Cooling n/a 14° C 0 °C
Lamp + Lifetime Tungsten-Halogen > 10,000 hrs Deterium > 1,000 hrs
Tungsten > 2,000 hrs
Deterium > 1,000 hrs
Tungsten > 2,000 hrs
Light Source Coverage 350 to 1100 nm 200 to 1100 nm 200 to 1100 nm
Lamp Shutter Built-In n/a Built-In


  • Pharmaceutical - API and Excipient Identification, In-Line Tablet Chracterization
  • Quality Control - Concentration, Color, and other parameters for repeatable accuracy
  • Food and Agriculture - Food Safety, Seed Characterization and Diagnostics, Crop Quality
  • Research and Development - Method Development, Product Development Process Raman Integration
  • Biomedical - Biopharmaceutical Growth Monitoring
  • Semiconductor - Wet and Dry Supply Chain, Electrical Properties, Materials Matrix, Thin Film Characterization