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DIY Low Frequency Raman System

The Discover-It-Yourself series from Metrohm Spectro is designed to help develop new Raman applications and explore samples your way. The Low-Frequency DIY system (DIY-LF) is unique because it measures the Raman spectrum on the anti-Stokes region, across the laser excitation line, and into the Stokes region. Powerful filters remove scattering within about 5 cm-1 of the laser line to give you access to structural Raman data that is unavailable through other techniques.

Key Features

  • Powerful performace in a simple design
  • An array of Sampling Accessories extends the capabilities of this system
  • Low Frequency Raman opens a new spectral window, enabling in-situ reaction or process monitoring


Supported Wavelengths 532 nm, 785 nm, 1064 nm
Laser Mode IPS multi-mode lasers recommended.
Single mode lasers supported
Laser Power Power varies by laser
Typically, <300 mW in multi-mode
50 mW in single mode
Physical Dimensions 234 mm x 103 mm x 59 mm
Sampling Accessories Probe Tip
Vial Holder
Non-Contact Optics
Large Space Adapter
Microscope Adapter
Laser IPS supplies a selection of high-performance laser configurations to support the Low Frequency DIY.
Customization is availabe.
Detector B&W Tek supplies a range of high-performance Raman spectrometers with BWSpec software for use in the DIY configuration.
Customization is available.