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DIY Raman - Extended Range

The DIY Extended Range system (DIY-ER) is unique because it enables sequential measurements of the Raman spectrum in stretch and fingerprint regions using a single detector and two laser excitations. This is also beneficial when a typical single excitation configuration may be limited to only measuring only the fingerprint region. 

The included BWSpec software conveniently “stitches” the two spectra together to give you the complete Raman spectrum with easy sampling. Overcome challenges with fluorescence interference using the DIY-ER.

Key Features

  • Achieves higher Raman intensity and lower fluorescence background
  • Access both the fingerprint (~65 – 2000 cm-1) and the stretch region (2000 – 4000 cm-1) of the Raman spectrum
  • Raman probes designed to match the wavelength you need
  • Customizations are available


A new technology utilizing our dual-laser setup, the Concatenation Raman Building Block breadboard utilized both a 1064 nm and 860nm laser excitation in one package. This unique offering includes a premium InGaAs array spectrometer to see both high quality spectra of the fingerprint and stretch Raman bands. This Stretch Block is designed to help you discover the most efficient and precise methods to achieve your goals.

  Stetch Block 1064 nm / 860 nm
Spectrometer Options SolTM HT
Raman Shift Coverage 125 – 2500 cm-1 @ 1064 nm
2100 – 4700 cm-1 @ 860 nm
Note: The start range of the raman shift is dependent on the selected probe. 
Coverage Range 1047 nm to 1450 nm
Resolution 10 cm-1 @ 1296 nm
Detector Type Linear InGaAs Array
Thermoelectric Cooling -20° C @ relative humidity ≤ 90%
Dimensions Spectrometer: 163 mm × 94 mm × 68 mm
(6.4 ” × 3.7 ” × 2.7 ”)
Laser: 241 mm × 177 mm × 106 mm
(9.48 ” × 6.94 ” × 4.14 ”)
Weight Spectrometer: 1133 g
Laser: 1361 g

Laser - IPS Digital Dual Wavelength M-Type 860/1064nm Raman Laser (I0860/1064MM0350MF-DWLS-USB) Power Options: Standard offered is 350mW

Note: The 1064 /860 nm laser product is built as per the specifications of the customer and sold solely as a component (or module) to incorporate into other equipment. The purchaser assumes responsibility to comply with US FDA21 CFR 1040 with regard to the use of this laser and its introduction into commerce.


Lab-Grade Probe  

Probe Options I1064P-FF-22-125-08-DW
Excitation Wavelength 1064 nm / 860 nm
Laser Blocking OD6 Default
Shaft Material 316 Stainless Steel
Shaft Length 37 mm (1.49’’)
Shaft Diameter 9.53 mm (.38”)
Working Distance 8 mm (.21”)
Maximum Operating Temperature 80° C; Non-immersive use
Note: For more probe or laser customization options, datasheets, and price information please contact us


  • Pharmaceutical - Moisture determination in pharma manufacturing and hydrogels
  • Petrochemical and Biofuels - Overcome fluorescence in biofuel measurements
  • Food and Agriculture - Analysis of samples with dyes and pigments
  • Research and Development - Push Raman's boundaries with stretch and fingerprint region data.