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SERS Discovery Kit


Metrohm’s SERS Discovery Kit is an introductory kit for SERS containing a complete selection of:

  • Gold P-SERS strips (20 pieces)
  • Silver P-SERS strips (20 pieces) 
  • Gold colloid solution (20mL)
  • Silver colloid solution (20mL)


· Narcotics Detection − Identification of trace drugs in complex mixtures
· Food & Beverages − Authentication of foodstuffs including honey, olive oil, and saffron
· Pesticide Detection − Detection of trace agricultural chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides
· Research & Development − Cost-effective, flexible resource for investigating new detection technologies
· Point-of-Care − Instant detection of target samples in complex biological samples
· Quality Control − Fast and accurate results reduce downtime and increase productivity
· Material Science - Material Characterization and Identification

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