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Sol™ 1.7

Sol™ 1.7 (BTC261P-512-L-ST1): TE-cooled, 512 element, linear InGaAs array spectrometer with the spectral response enhanced at the longer wavelengths. Includes SMA905 fiber coupler for light input; built-in 16- bit digitizer; USB 2.0/1.1 interface; Power supply; USB cable is included.

Wavelength Range: 900-1700 nm
Spectral Resolution (FWHM): 4.0 nm
Fiber Type: LP870
Grating: Ruled, 150/1250
Slit Width: 25 um

BWSpec software included. Fiber is not included.

Key Features

  • 900nm - 1700nm Spectral Range
  • Resolution as Fine as 0.35nm
  • Built-in 16-bit Digitizer
  • -20°C Thermoelectric Cooling Available
  • Two Gain Modes for Specific Application Needs
  • 256 & 1024 Pixel Configurations Available


The Sol 1.7 NIR spectrometer features extended wavelength and high resolution options, along with deeper TE Cooling, upgraded from +5°C to -10°C for lower noise and better stability. The spectrometer includes additional grating options, allowing for 18 additional configurations between 900 nm – 1700 nm, and resolution as fine as 0.35nm. Redesigned electronics for the Sol 1.7 allow this unit to operate with a 5VDC power supply, making it even more convenient for OEM integrators and end users alike.


  • Process Monitoring
  • NIR Spectroscopy
  • Quality Control
  • On-line Analyzer
  • Material Identification