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Glacier X $4,510.00 USD
DIY UV-VIS Price on request
Sol™ HT 1.4 $18,900.00 USD
DIY Raman - Low Frequency Price on request
DIY Raman - Extended Range Price on request
Filter Holder $530.00 USD
Fiber Optic Raman Probe from $4,620.00 USD
Integrating Sphere from $880.00 USD
Fiber Patch Cords from $120.00 USD
Fiber Dip Probe $2,100.00 USD
Sol from $15,640.00 USD
Exemplar HT $18,900.00 USD
Exemplar T $14,700.00 USD
Exemplar Plus $8,710.00 USD
Glacier T $8,495.00 USD
Quest $3,040.00 USD
Digital Dual Wavelength M-Type from $13,920.00 USD
Digital L-Type Module from $8,435.00 USD
Digital M-Type Module from $8,175.00 USD
Digital U-Type (Multi-Mode) from $5,770.00 USD
Digital U-Type (Single-Mode) from $5,770.00 USD
Digital D-type with Isolator from $6,225.00 USD
TO-Can "GUTS" Package from $1,850.00 USD