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We have the broadest selection of moderate to high performance OEM Raman systems and accessories on the market. These modules vary from DIY to completely integrated systems. Starting with our DIY systems choose three visible to NIR modules from blue to NIR laser excitation. Is fluorescence interfering with your Raman?  Choose our Sol™1.7 1064 nm laser package. We offer one of the world’s smallest pre-configured, pre-packaged, fully integrated 785 nm OEM Raman modules in our Savannah™ system with orbital Raster Scanning (ORS).


Are you exploring the realm of what Raman can do for you?  Start with our DIY building blocks. They have the flexibility of arranging key components using light travel via fiber optics starting with laser, spectrometer, sampling probes/cuvette holders which are assembled on our base breadboard platform.  After the investigation stage, work with us on your first prototype after your user requirements are defined.  

Choosing a System 

Stay near the green to take advantage of the scattering sensitivity relationship where signal and excitation wavelength are related as 1/λ4, and less laser power may be required to minimize heating on solid surfaces. Move further into the near infrared to eliminate competing background fluorescence.  Contact our Application Specialists to help choose the best system for you.


SAVANNAH is Metrohm's most compact OEM Raman module. The SAVANNAH is equipped with an integrated 100mW 785nm single mode laser, and a high-performance spectrograph with a spectral range of 400- 2300 cm⁻¹ and resolution of < 10 cm⁻¹. The unique Orbital Raster Scanning (ORS) feature minimizes laser ablation/heating and reduces sample heterogeneity effects. SAVANNAH comes with a simple command set for data acquisition and data transfer through USB or UART communication channels. The robust architecture and small footprint makes SAVANNAH perfect for integration into handheld, mobility and point-of-care instrumentation. The module is powered using a 5V DC power supply.


Are you looking for an enclosed system and have your system better defined?  Choose our OEM Raman development platform The BTR115 series OEM Raman development platform consists of an integrated Raman core engine with a stabilized laser, cooled CCD-based spectrometer and sampling optics. It is designed to assist OEM developers in application development and for direct OEM custom system integration


We are collaborating with our customers to supply the right solution. Whether you need a custom configured laser or a specialized Raman system, we have the experience and dedication. 

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