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m-oem is your source for OEM spectrometers. We offer a wide selection of economical and miniature spectrometers for broad spectrum analysis.  Our compact systems measure from the UV to the NIR for absorption, transmission, and reflectance spectroscopy and low light sampling conditions such as diffuse reflectance/transmittance, fluorescence, and scattering (Raman). Our customers integrate these compact systems into measuring devices for portable, laboratory, and process measurements of powders, liquids, gels, fermentation broths, biological matrices, reflective surfaces, films, and gases.



The Quest™ is our lightest and lowest price model in a robust package.  It is similar in length and width to an iPhone with 1.5” thickness.  This is a higher f/# (ca. 3.6) and lower dynamic range spectrometer compared to other models. The CCD detector on the Quest™ is non-cooled and is ideal for situations where high doses of light are obtained from the sample, and low integration times are employed.   Applications are a handheld UV-NIR absorption spectrometer for measuring LED and OLED illumination, natural light illumination, measurement of fruit ripeness/sugar content, color quality, and UV film protection, among others.


The Glacier™ series are slightly larger than the Quest™ series of spectrometers. These spectrometer engines are cooled, and temperature stabilized to slightly lower than ambient (ca. 14°C). Two modules of this class cover the UV-VIS and the NIR region (300 nm to 1050 nm).  Choose Glacier™ over Quest™ for the benefit of improved light collection (Lower f/#), noise reduction (cooling), and higher dynamic range (longer integration times). This model has two series available, distinguished between a single pass (GlacierX™) and double light pass (GlacierT™) geometry. The GlacierT™ has a third more light collection power due to a lower f/# over the GlacierX™. The GlacierT™ is our lowest-cost Raman spectrometer base, but applicable to general spectroscopy applications.  Absorption spectroscopy applications are solar panel analysis, semi-conductor film and bath etching analysis, process UV-VIS-NIR reflection and transmission measurements, LED and OLED light characterization, and fluorescence detection of biological markers, dyes and pigments, among others.  Raman applications include surface enhanced Raman (SERS), handheld Raman, counterfeiting inks and markers, narcotics and hazardous material characterization.  


The Exemplar™ series represent our high price/performance UV-NIR series spectrometers with back thinned CCD technology to reduce dark noise components. These models are cooled from 0 to -25°C, and come in various sizes, and optical geometries. Highlighted features are the TE cooled back thinned array, and high stray light rejection.  Sub-series to choose from are the Exemplar™Plus,  Exemplar™T, and Exemplar™ HT,  in order of performance metrics. The Exemplar™Plus incorporate the classic Czerny-Turner platform, at 0 and -25 °C cooling. The Exemplar™T incorporates the dual transmission pass configuration that decreases the f/# and improves light collection with options of -2°C cooling. For extreme cooling requirements at -25°C choose the Exemplar™HD.  

Choose the Exemplar for extremely low light conditions for diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, diffuse transmission spectroscopy, Raman, fluorescence.  Applications for diffuse transmission include opaque liquid and emulsified products including moisture, fat and protein analysis in butter, process cheese and other dairy products, transmission through opaque films, and pharmaceutical tablets.  Diffuse reflectance applications include on-line batch analysis of fermentation broths, API and excipient composition in powders and tablets, oil and gas refining, asphalt analysis, and sample blend homogeneity.   



The Sol™ is our shoebox size SWIR spectrometer series for SWIR absorption, transmission, reflectance and SWIR Raman applications. Contrary to the silicon-based CCD integrated in our other UV-NIR models, the Sol™ series utilizes InGaAs based linear arrays for detection in the SWIR domain. The Sol™ 1.7, 2.2 and 2.6 series are portioned into the SWIR cutoff of 1700 nm, 2200 nm, and 2600 nm.  The Sol™1.4 is cooled to -25 °C, and the Sol™1.7 and 2.6 are cooled to -15°C.   Applications include laboratory and on-line monitoring of clear and semi-opaque solutions including hydrogen peroxide production, edible oil analysis, acid and OH number, amine value, total organic nitrogen, density, viscosity, refractive index, melting point, alcohol value, BRIX, and polymerization end point, to name a few.


Custom spectrometer configurations and advanced application support are available for OEM customers.

We partner with customers on leveraging our unique wavelength stabilization laser technology for custom projects. We partnered with a medical diagnostic company to bring a Raman spectroscopy system with custom polarization to prototype stage in less than 3 months. We have collaborated with other customers in bringing their systems from concept to FDA approval. Other examples include collaborating with customers on biometric applications.

Contact us to discuss you newest endeavor!


Our SDK’s vary from low level firmware commands to top-level GUI’s, and chemometric modeling options for identification, verification and quantitative analysis.  Advanced users with sofware expertise and resources may choose the simple command set option.  These SDKs come with sample code in numerous programming languages.  Early investigators may choose a our standard BWSpec® spectral data acquisition software that allows for easy collection of data from our spectrometer engines. It includes tools for instrument control, data collection and spectral manipulation.

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