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m-oem spectroscopy products trace from the light source to the sample and to detection. We work with system integrators at various stages of product and prototype creation and accelerate your time to market. We help you create value in the development process. 

Coherent and broad band light sources are offered from the UV to the MIR. Our lasers are precision tuned at numerous wavelengths and stabilized at very low peak cross-section with highly stabilized spatial modes (single mode and multi-mode) options.  We also offer broad band sources for transmission, absorption spectroscopy and fluorescence. Markets include lasers for Raman spectroscopy and coherent fluorescent sources for imaging and spectroscopy.  Laser sources are available to system integrators for laser seeding and pumping, remote sensing, atomic clocks, optical trapping/tweezers, biomedical imaging and speckle imaging, among others. 

Our spectrometer engines are designed for UV-NIR absorption/transmission, reflectance spectroscopy, fluorescence, and Raman. They start from prototype stage with a bread board-based system, to a fully encapsulated source-to sample-detection system.  Our clients’ systems serve point-of-care diagnostic testing, laboratory, laboratory automation, process, portable handheld, and standoff measurements.  

Software development kits (SDK’s) are available from low level (e.g., fielded command sets) to high level functionality (e.g., GUIs, and chemometrics).


Our off-the-shelf OEM diode laser modules come in butterfly, TO-Can, and TO-Can “guts” packages to match the form-fit-function of your final build. They are available in a variety of precise, and highly stabilized wavelengths, output powers, highly Gaussian and multi-mode irradiance distributions, with a variety of electronic functionality. Sharing the same technology and specifications as our single element laser diodes, our laser modules save on back-end engineering with TE and electronic control built into the system. 


Pick from the world’s largest selection of compact spectrometers in a variety of sizes and price/performance levels for integration into your device. We have a variety of sources and CCD array configurations (Si and InGaAs) for UV to SWIR measurements.


Build it yourself from green to infrared excitation and define the measurement parameters for your samples with the DIY Raman. Choose from the large variety of our components to manufacture your device. Select our pre-configured, off-the-shelf 785 nm laser integrated Raman module with Orbital Raster (ORS) sampling for heterogeneous samples.  


Our software offerings vary from simple firmware command sets, to GUI’s, and chemometric packages.


We designed, integrate and manufacture spectroscopy systems in collaboration with our customers, from prototype to mass production. “Prototype designed, integrated, and delivered by IPS in cooperation with Luminist (a biomedical diagnostics startup)”.


Free-space to fiber optic transition of light is optional, and we offer a variety of sampling accessories for gases, liquids and solids with configurations for transmission, reflectance and scattering measurements.