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The DIY platform pairs high-sensitivity B&W Tek component spectrometers and fiber-optic sampling probes with narrow linewidth lasers from Innovative Photonic Solutions (IPS). Explore new Raman applications and novel analysis methods with this customized system.

"Jun’s innovative work made the power of Raman spectroscopy more accessible to scientists and non-technical users. We are proud to have him on our team that drives innovation for Raman products at Metrohm." - Nancy Morris, CEO

The Discovery Kit – a SERS sampler

Among the products added is a new SERS Discovery Kit that contains a selection of silver and gold SERS materials in both colloid solution and solid substrate format. The kit contains enough testing material for about 25 measurements with each of the four formats. This new kit will appeal to innovators who are looking to determine the best SERS tools for their measurements.

Metrohm’s SERS expert and inventor of P-SERS strips, Dr. Wei Yu, has been awarded a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) for a portable Raman-based postmortem toxicology screening method.

m-oem presents Raman Concatenation at Analytica 2022 in Munich

Raman Concatenation involves sequentially collecting Raman spectra from two NIR lasers with one Raman spectrometer and one Raman probe. m-oem, the Metrohm OEM brand, is pleased to present this exciting new technique that enables fluorescence-free spectra of the fingerprint and stretching region with increased sensitivity and discrimination. Visitors of this year’s show in Munich are welcome to learn more about this technique, its benefits, and possible applications at the m-oem booth in hall A2 at booth 522.

Metrohm Spectro, as a part of its involvement with the Advancing Photonics Technologies (APT) collaboration of NJ, PA, NY and DE, will receive up to $1 million for two years with the opportunity to access up to $160 million in funding over the next 10 years from subsequent awards....

m-oem – enabling solutions

Metrohm celebrates the debut of m-oem, the company’s new oem brand, at this year’s Analytica in Munich. m-oem represents the four companies Innovative Photonic Solutions (IPS), B&W Tek, DropSens, and Metroglas. m-oem is a global brand and is confident to become a preferred partner for customers pursuing projects in applied spectroscopy, photonics, electrochemistry, and sensor systems. Visitors of this year’s Analytica are welcome to learn more about the m-oem product portfolio in hall A2 at booth 522. More information on m-oem is also available at

m-oem is launching its new website (Web shop) to showcase its broad offering of OEM components and modules for Spectroscopy, Electrochemistry and Sensor Technology.  “We are gratified with all of the cooperation from partner companies for this website launch” says Mevio Heierli General Manager of m-oem. “This is one of the broadest offerings of OEM components and modules united under one roof.  Heierli says that prices are listed for most products to streamline our customers budgeting and purchasing process, and larger orders and volumes should be queried upon.”.